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Welcome to your life in full HD colour!

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I create permissive spaces in which you can be unashamedly ALL OF YOU.

The focus of all of my work is empowerment and liberation - I am here to guide you into embodying your true self in all of your wonderful uniqueness.

I work with people on a one-to-one basis (or with duos/triads) and in groups, both in-person and online. 

Have a browse through my current offerings to see what might tickle your fancy, or get in touch.


Private sessions
One-to-one (or two, or three!)


Group events, workshops, and programmes

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Work with me: Testimonials

“You enabled me to dig deep and peel back the layers on that onion. You’re one special human. Thank you for seeing me. You also enable me to recognise my connection to intimacy and how all my life I’ve incorrectly defined it. You helped me to trust the process because I felt so safe with you”

Michelle, Manchester

Image credit: jiroe, nitish goswami, and danny lines on Unsplash

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