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Here is where I'll be adding all of the gatherings and group learning opportunities that I am either running or otherwise involved in. 

I aim to create spaces that are welcoming - no, CELEBRATING - of people who, like me, are aiming to thrive outside of one or more societal "norms", whether that's in your gender identity or expression, sexuality, relating style, kinkiness, or something else.

Some of the events I facilitate or assist with are specifically for folks who identify as queer and/or trans, and these will be labelled as such.

As with my private sessions, my group work is heavily rooted in embodiment as a source of self-awareness and authentic relating. 

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“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive

(Joseph Campbell)

Events, workshops, and group programmes: Text

Wednesday, 29th March

The Kinky Classroom: Empowered Submissiveness

A space to explore POWER PLAY in an ethical way that empowers all, regardless of whether you see yourself as Dominant, submissive, switchy, or as yet undecided!

We will cover some of the fundamentals of what makes "conscious kink" conscious, and you'll pick up some helpful tools you can take out into the world - not only for playtime but also for navigating day-to-day relating!

Friday, 31st March

Dancing your ALIVENESS

We're back for another sweaty, soul-reviving dance in Salford with our much-loved DJ, Anahata G.

This is a space in which you can surrender to the music, FEEL into your body, express yourself, dance, shake, stomp, cry, howl, laugh, be primal, be still, and celebrate all that you are! 

Friday 7th - Sunday 9 April

Shadow Tantra with Seani Love

I will be co-presenting this 3-day exploration of our erotic shadows alongside the incredible Seani. 

We will combine conscious sexuality practices with mindfulness, Conscious Kink, neotantra, ritual, and BDSM, starting with exploring and setting our personal boundaries. 

Starts Wednesday, 12th April

Shibari for Beginners: 5-week course

Are you interested in learning more about Shibari, the Japanese art of rope bondage? Perhaps you've seen some photos, videos, or even live performances and it's caught your eye, or maybe you're looking for a new hobby that has some interesting practical applications... !

Come and join us for the next edition of our popular Shibari for Beginners course in April, in which you will build the foundations to start practicing and playing with rope bondage safely and confidently.

Starts April 2023 
Online and in-person (Manchester)


A three-month embodiment journey and mentorship programme for people who are interested in deep diving into Ethical Dominance, whether that's for the purpose of engaging in D/s play or more broadly building a healthier relationship with power in their lives.

Thursday, 27th April 

Shibari Life Drawing

In this event, we are bringing together two of my greatest loves - Life Drawing and Shibari!

You will get to see a series of live Shibari performances before capturing our rope-decorated models on paper. All drawing “abilities” welcome. 

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th May

Quintimacy Going Further/Deeper Together (Level 2)

I'll be assisting at this beautifully-held workshop for queer and trans folks who have already experienced deep learning from Quintimacy events and wish to explore a little further and deeper. 

Topics will include intimate touch, experimenting with stro and power play! 

Thursday 25th - Monday 29th May
Gillingham, Dorset

Desire & Intimacy Under 40s

I will be part of the facilitation team for this conscious sexuality gathering for people under 40.

You'll find me running workshops on consent and stepping into your power, offering 1-to-1 sessions, and assisting others with their offerings. 

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Thank you for an amazing, fun, insightful programme (Radical Body Love). The space and energy was beautiful and uplifting. This has inspired me to learn more and explore my own response to pleasure more fully.

Rachel, Wirral

Image credit: based on photography from danny lines on Unplash.

Events, workshops, and group programmes: Text
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