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Do you want to feel more comfortable in your power, more confident being in charge, and better able to adapt your state to what's unfolding in front of you?

POWER & PRESENCE is an eight-week embodiment-focused training programme for people interested in exploring Ethical Dominance. 

Some people are drawn to this training because they want to engage in Dominant/submissive play in safe(r) ways. Others come to build a healthier relationship with power in their lives more broadly.

The way I see it is that kink is a tool through which we can delve into our relationship with power. When we do this kind of self-exploration it has the potential to impact many different aspects of our lives, sometimes in ways we don't expect! 



The programme

What I share in this programme is the outcome of two decades on my own personal journey from people pleaser to Professional Dominant. 

I believe we ALL have the capability to step into Dominance in a way that is authentic. If you don't feel that you fit into the box of a stereotypical Dom or Dominatrix, don't let that hold you back (I don't fit into that box either!) The world needs more people who can wield power responsibly in their own unique way. 

My style of Dominance draws upon what’s already within me - you might like to think of these as traits, archetypes, or parts. 

In order to tap into this ability, it is essential to do our own inner work first before we try to influence others. That includes, amongst other things, looking at where you have blocks, shame, resistance, unmet desires, and the strategies you use to get what you want.

I share openly about my own personal (good, bad, and ugly) experiences with power, how my non-kinky parts of life have influenced me greatly, and the challenges of this work that nobody told me about. 

The focus of my teaching is on creating a space for us to experiment and have embodied experiences of power.

Learning happens through a combination of theory, embodied enquiries, core skills practice, demonstrations, and group sharing. 

This is a programme that supports us in becoming a whole, integrated human rather than simply teaching the “technical skills” of kink. It's less about the activities we do and more about having the ability to change our own state and invite others to do the same through our presence, embodiment, and language. 

Some of the topics covered include: 

  • POWER - what it is, where it comes from, why it is important, and how our experiences of it to date have shaped us

  • Embodiment and the role this plays in ethical power play 

  • The power of wanting 

  • Creating safer play 

  • Empowered submissiveness 

  • Exceptional Aftercare 

  • The different roles of Dominance 

  • How to think, move, and talk with dominance

  • Psychological domination (a personal favourite!) 

  • Ethical Sadism

  • The building blocks of a great scene 

The structure is designed to provide you with ongoing support as you learn to embrace and integrate the different parts of yourself that might be called upon to empower you.

My work is influenced by the Wheel of Consent, conscious kink, archetypes, the psychology of dominance and submission, some aspects of Sexological Bodywork, unpicking implicit and conditioned power dynamics, and skills that I've been taught and have gone on to develop such as verbal domination.

At the heart of this programme is the COMMUNITY - it's about learning and practicing together, and sharing our own experiences so that we can see we are not alone in the challenges we might have around power. It really is a powerful space to be in and can't wait to explore with you on this next journey💜


What's included

Participants will have access to the programme for 8 weeks, during which you will be invited to join: 

  • A FULL-DAY WORKSHOP to get us started on our journey. This is a chance to get to know your peers as we dive into the core theory and practices.

  • FIVE ONLINE GROUP SESSIONS via Zoom. These are usually 2 hours long and each focuses on a different topic, with space to ask questions and share experiences. For this course, we will also have a guest teacher joining us for a special skills class. 

  • Our MID-WAY MEET - an in-person, evening workshop focused on practicing your skills! 

  • Our WEEKEND INTENSIVE- as we approach the end of the programme, we will meet again in- person for a deep-dive into creating beautiful experiences for each other.

  • An additional GROUP AFTERCARE and INTEGRATION SESSION online as we bring the programme to a close.

  • Weekly home practices  - you will receive weekly prompts for research, self-reflection, or practical exercises, which will deeply enrich your learning.

  • Our POWER & PRESENCE Community - you will have the option to join a private group chat with other mentees on Telegram where you can share the outcomes of your weekly home practice, receive input from me and your other peers, build connections with others, and find people to practice with! 

There will also be an option to add on extra 1-to-1 sessions with me online or in-person at a discounted rate while the programme is running, as past mentees have found this really helpful.


Participant Feedback

POWER and PRESENCE: Testimonials

I have found my own unique way of playing and experimenting with many different facets of power… Being allowed to hold the trust of others was an honour and the space was created to enable that to happen, even with people I'd never met. A far cry from the sweaty dungeons of the past! Thank you Lex. I think this is your magic - you help people find precisely their own personal way and not just in this work.

Laura L., Cheshire


I love that people are drawn to this training from all different kinds of backgrounds - from kink newbies to Pro Dommes with decades of experience. 

This particular programme is aimed at those people who wish to step into a Dominant role, or who have already been exploring this but wish to improve their soft skills and/or range. 

To ensure that everyone shares the same foundational knowledge as we dive deep into our relationship with and expressions of power, I am only accepting participants onto this programme if they have already completed my Getting into (Ethical) Kink course OR equivalent training e.g. some courses from The Kinky Classroom, Wheel of Consent, workshops on communication and negotiation skills, and understanding of implicit power dynamics. 

If you haven't completed the intro course or worked with me directly, please contact me for an intro call and we can figure out if this is suitable.


Join us!

The first course for 2024 has now finished. To find out when the next one is confirmed, I recommend signing up for my mailing list via the button below. 

You can also contact me directly if you'd like to chat about the course in more detail. 

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