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Something to sink your teeth into...

I've added here some free resources that you may find helpful. These include materials that I use when teaching as well as recordings of some of my talks.

Video links will take you to YouTube because of the grown-up nature of the content!

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VIDEO: Power, Pleasure, and Play

In my first talk at The Sex Lectures, I invite us to imagine a world in which we are ALL unashamedly kinky. For those who are ready to dive in (or already a little lost a sea), I introduce my work-in-progress manifesto for how we can approach kink mindfully and as an act of empowerment for all.

A screengrab from a recording showing a human dressed in yellow on stage engaging with the audience

VIDEO: The Lure of Erotic Destruction

One year later, and I was back on stage at The Sex Lectures! This time I invite you into my ponderings on the complexities of eroticism with a peek under the hood of what might be driving a particular type of request I receive as a practitioner. Can you guess what it is?!


PROMPT SHEET: What makes kink "conscious"?

Here you'll find some prompts for personal reflection based on my working manifesto around how we can bring more consciousness to the way that we play.

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PROMPT SHEET: Preparing to Play

I put this together as a handout for my classes and workshops to help people with any pre-play discussions. It includes an exercise to figure out what you might do as well as a checklist for negotiation.

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