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Are you ready to go deeper?!

The Magic of Kink in Midlife: About Me

Whether you're entering a new relationship and wanting to set yourselves up for success, OR you've been together for some time and wanting to rediscover your WHY, this programme is an investment in your relationship AND in you as a relational being.  

This programme is open to duos of all genders, sexualities, and relationship orientations. 

The programme

Deepening Connection is my programme for duos interested in working with me directly as I guide you on a journey into greater intimacy, authenticity, and JOY in your relationship.

It comprises SIX online coaching sessions that can be scheduled weekly or fortnightly to suit your schedules and pace of learning.

Each session will delve into a particular theme or a topic but the outcomes and practices will be tailored to YOU. We will look at: 

  • Who you are as individuals - identity, values, and relational needs

  • The good times - what do regulation and co-regulation look like for you, and what do you experience as connection? 

  • The "not-so-good" times - how are you both in dysregulation and/or conflict? And what needs do you have? 

  • Paving the way for a thriving connection with relational principles and communication tools

  • Dynamics - how to create and explore connection and intimacy in ways that work for YOU

  • Exploration - how to bring more creativity, expression, and playfulness into your relationship with practical frameworks, tools, and exercises that will support you 

This can be surprisingly deep work as we start exploring your needs and values, and giving space for these to be heard. 

The focus of my teaching is on creating a space for you to experiment, have embodied experiences, and talk about anything that is being stirred up. We are going beyond conceptual understanding and working with your body to notice what lights you up the most. 

You will receive homework to complete between each session, some of which will be for you to do solo, and some together.


At the end of the programme, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of how this relationship fits into your Big Picture of what you find meaningful in life 

  • Have greater knowledge of your own and your partner's styles of connection and conflict, and a set of tools and values that you can return to if ever you feel unsure of a way forward 

  • Know what your minds and bodies need to have fulfilling experiences of intimacy and connection (solo or together)


I draw upon my professional training and experience as a Sexological Bodyworker, Embodied Facilitator, and Ethical Kink Practitioner. I’m also heavily influenced by depth psychology, the Wheel of Consent, and understanding our nervous system responses. In my personal life, I have been practicing non-monogamy and conscious relating for the last 5 years. This doesn’t mean that I will be encouraging you to open up your relationship (unless you want to!) but rather that I have a wealth of lived experience in navigating the concepts we will be covering.

Please note that this programme is not therapy or a substitute for therapy. As part of the intake, we will discuss what support networks you have in place, and how resourced you feel to participate. 

The Magic of Kink in Midlife: About

What's included

SIX x 90-minute, online sessions with me, which will be delivered via Zoom.

Homework practices will be sent to you between sessions via email to support integration and deepen your understanding. 

I only work with a maximum of 3 duos at any one time so that I can give you high-quality presence throughout this deep journey.

There will also be an option to add on extra online or in-person Exploration sessions individually or together during the programme for a discounted price. 

The Magic of Kink in Midlife: Text

The schedule

There is no fixed start date for this programme so you get to choose when you're ready to begin (for as long as it's still running!)

Sessions can be scheduled weekly or fortnightly, with regular timeslots currently available mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends to accommodate different time zones. 

All sessions will be scheduled in advance, with some flexibility to reschedule should “life” happen so long as all six sessions take place within 4 months of enrolment.

The Magic of Kink in Midlife: Text

Previous Participant Feedback

The Magic of Kink in Midlife: Testimonials

The programme has been far more that I anticipated, and it has resulted in a core shift within myself that has been a long time coming. I am already feeling far more joyful in life and connected in my relationships. 


I feel different in my heart and my mind. I feel more present and at peace, with a greater understanding of myself and previous unhealthy patterns. My relationship now feels closer with more understanding and compassion, rather than fear and division. I feel my heart opening and I think it is due to healing from past trauma, being able to trust and being vulnerable.


The cost

The cost for the programme is £900, which gives you nine hours of session time with me PLUS homework practices to reflect and integrate between sessions. 

** If you are keen to join but feel that the price is the only limiting factor to attending, please get in touch and I will see what we can do to make this more accessible! **

The Magic of Kink in Midlife: Text


If you're interested in joining the programme, or would like to know more, contact me to arrange a call. 

The Magic of Kink in Midlife: Text
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