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The Kinky Classroom was set up as a way to make the pleasure (and incredible healing potential) of kink accessible to more people. 

The original concept behind these events was to bring kink out of the dungeon!

"What if we could explore kink whilst wearing comfy clothes and having a cup of tea?!" 

Well, we made it happen! We now get together on a monthly(ish) basis with small groups of open-minded people and explore some of the wonders of kink in a friendly, playful, and non-intimidating environment. 

Now don't get me wrong, going to a kink club or to a professional Dominant can be fun (I would say that, wouldn't I?!) but it's not for everyone, and pausing and rewinding 50 Shades (or other media) is not always going to teach you what you need to know to play safely and with confidence.

Each of our events focuses on a different topic or aspect of kink. We also have a few core themes that we revisit on a regular basis. These are Shibari, Ethical Dominance, and Empowered Submissiveness.

Curiosity, consent, and communication are the common threads that run throughout.

These events are perfect for you if you're entirely new to kink OR have dabbled a little and want to brush up on your skills.

Check out the event listing page for dates of upcoming events. 

The Kinky Classroom: About Me

We are available for bookings!

If you can’t make it to our classes, or if you prefer to learn in a different environment, we offer private tutorials for you and/or a group of friends.

We also give talks, run workshops, and stage performances and photoshoots in all kinds of spaces - from muddy festivals to private parties.  

If you are interested in booking us, get in touch for an informal conversation about what's possible! 

The Kinky Classroom: About
The Kinky Classroom: Testimonials

You oozed kindness and acceptance and a desire to support people breaking free of societal shackles, thank you for sharing so much of yourself in the demos,  they were so essential for the whole group to feel able to explore

Kitty, Liverpool

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