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Creating a new form of wealth

Would you like to be wealthy?! Financial wealth has become so synonymous with success and happiness that it's very easy to be captured by...

How to be with suffering

How can we take action in response to suffering? Here I explore some options for the overwhelmed, and call us into connection.

The power of submissiveness

Outside world power dynamics impact how we engage in D/s power play. What can we do to ensure everyone feels empowered?

From here I can give

At the beginning of September, I travelled to Bilbao to attend the "Like a Pro" training from the School of Consent. This deeper dive...

So what is Sexological Bodywork?

A description of what Sexological Bodywork is, what a session might involve, and why someone might want to explore this.

Tearing up the rule book

In my role as a Sexological Bodyworker, I work with people from a wide range of ages, sexual and romantic orientations, gender...

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